Safeway Stores ran (& is still running) a TV ad for $5.00 turkeys. There are no visible or audible conditions/limits made known other than it was for turkeys weighing between 8 to 12 pounds.

Today (11-14-11) I went to the Safeway store in The Marketplace on Covell in Davis to purchase two $5 turkeys.

In the freezer section there was NO signage indicating conditions/limits other than "card price" which means you need to use their customer card.

I took two turkeys to the check out and was told: "You have to purchase $25 of other items before you can get the $5 turkey and you can only get one." They then showed me a news print ad that said these things.

I told them that I never saw the print ad, that the reason I came was the TV ad which never said anything about such conditions of purchase.

I refused to buy more items ($25) and told them I did not want any of the items (a can of cranberry jelly and two bananas)I had intended to buy along with the turkeys.

The bag clerk who was called over and told "Take these back to the freezer" said, "There sure are a lot of these going back today." I wasn't the only one who was placed in this potentially embarrassing situation.

This evening I saw the same TV ad again and watched it very carefully. There was no visible or audible indication of any conditions or limits on the sale/ purchase of the $5 turkeys.

This is not an 'innocent mistake' but a ploy to embarrass customers into buying more than they intended to buy.

Corporations do not care what low tactics they use as long as they make a profit. They don't even care about being fined because the fines are so low that they are actually figured into the formula for each scam.

I am a low-income senior but I refuse to be taken advantage of like this.

State and Federal agencies should sue them for this. The least they could do is to donate LOTS of those birds to the homeless shelters and food banks as penance. Too bad they would bet tax write-offs if they did this.

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Hey listen up tools---the tv ad says NOTHING about any conditions. That would qualify as false advertising.


Its not Safeway's fault you're too incompetent to read the fine print. Safeway can't be held liable for ignorance and stupidity.


To the op. if you're in the San Francisco bay area and are anywhere near where I'm located, I'll gladly buy $25 of groceries so you can get the turkey. Send me an email nicki.hallenbeck at gmail.com


Safeway is notorious for bait and switch tactics. Mostly bait.

I've seen this $5/turkey ad on TV and did not see any quantity limit disclaimers.

In looking at their online ad for my area, there are no $5 turkey advertised but the lowest price is $7.99 with a $25 purchase; and the $25 purchase is after all the club card discounts are calculated. I, too, am a Senior Citizen on a limited income but my time is also valuable and I'm not wasting it in a Customer Service line when I already know ahead of time they aren't honoring their commitments in their ads.

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