Every one out of three trips to Safeway results in being overcharged(never undercharged) for items that are supposed to be on sale. I always check the receipt on my way out and when there is an overcharge I have to go back to the register which I find to be unpleasant.

I try to shop at other stores to avoid this problem that seems to be particularly prevalent at Safeway. Other stores seem to run sales frequently and get the right prices into their computers without a problem and so it appears Safeway workers are lazy or incompetent or else the company is intentionally not entering the lower prices figuring most people will not notice.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Yes, this has happened to me as well many times at the Safeway stores I have been to. But even worse is if their self checkout scanners are not working properly it may not scan when you think it did, than when you leave, there security guards stop you and charge you with shoplifting.

So it is legal for them to overcharge you for an item or not put an item in the bag you paid for, but if their scanner misses an item, it is OK to have you charged with shoplifting. I had to go to court and have a trial, but the security guard who testified against me never had any interactions with me and testified as if he did everything the other guard Eve did and was caught in many lies, and lucky for me the judge saw this as well and found me Not Guilty. This guards name was Joshua Lacy and the other guard Colston Eve who all my interactions were with, who lives in Huntington MD destroyed evidence and told me he was a Detective when he is really a security guard.

They both work for a security guard company called Secure Pros, also located in MD. I called Secure Pros and told them what their guards did, but they did not want to hear any negative comments and hung up.


I shop at Safeway everyday. I used to think I was overcharged until I started taking my receit back in so they could fix any mistakes.

Turns out that the item usually comes with a "must buy 3" or it was not a specific flavor. However..

No matter what I think happened, Safeway always refunds or replaces. They are a wonderful Grocery store.


Shop somewhere else, problem solved.

"omgg safe-way over charges me my life is so hard!!"

Grow up...


Me too, I was checking my receipt for a few times before I get it right. They overcharged me by $3.61.

The store is located 25 mins away (by foot) and I don't really want to walk all the way back carrying the on sale item just to make it right. $3.61 is not a small sum, if it were like a few cents I won't bother.


I live in Maryland and have had the same experience at my neighborhood safeway. I agree with your comment and don't think it is a coincident.

to AC San Jose, California, United States #722062

Ive been over charged too many times in the long run it all adds up. If an item scans at the wrong price due to safeways error they are suppost to give you the item for free along with a 5 dollar gift card .

When you do go back to fix the over charges The employees act as if the money comes out there pocket . Safeway has already been sued in the past for this issue.

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