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While shopping at my local Safeway Dec 17th I saw some plates on sale I liked. They were displayed in a large box on a shelf.

The plates were displayed facing forward standing on their side. When I went to remove the plate in the front all the plates moved towards me like a domino set and they came tumbling out on to both of my feet (about 20+ plates). I was in instant pain but just wanted to get out of there. A kind employee came to my rescue.

I checked out ($120. worth of groceries) and went home. When I removed my shoes I knew I had sustained some serious injuries to my toes, they were bleeding, swelling and already turning black from the blood under my large toe nail. I had never had anything like this ever happen before.

The gal at the store had taken my name and number and said she would report it to their corporate office in Pleasanton CA and they would call me in case there was an injury. The next day my foot was so swollen I went in to my doctor and they took an x-ray and drilled a hole in to my nail to relieve some of the pressure from the bleeding. I waited several days for a call from Safeway Corp but no one called. My foot required a second doctors visit due to the pain and bleeding.

I was not able to get a shoe on my foot. The doctor said it had now become infected and I started on antibiotics, still no call from Safeway Corp office. I decided to call them. After leaving 2 messages and still no return call I finally got a risk management person on the line and that was a real joke.

I kept trying to explain I wanted a report taken in case anything serious came from this infection but she was so busy talking over me I could never finish a complete sentence before she interrupted. I have MS so my immune system is already compromised and infections are always a concern. After 2 weeks of pain and still not able to wear a shoe I had a 3rd doctors appointment with a podiatrist. My toe nail was 75 percent lose from the nail and he said it will probably fall off and that I would not be able to wear a shoe for at least 2 to 3 more weeks until the infection is fully healed.

All verification of doctors visits, antibiotics as well as photos of the injury were emailed to the corp office. Safeway Corp risk management was horrible to deal with and the woman I had to deal with just kept saying there is nothing we can do for you unless you want a $50. gift card or maybe she could go a little higher. This was so insulting to me.

There was no kindness or empathy what so ever. She repeatedly said they don't pay for medical visits. It has now been 3 weeks and I have to wear an open toe post-op med shoe if I need to leave the house. I have no intention of bringing a lawyer in to this, I'm not that kind of person but I will never shop in their stores again.

The stress of all of this has caused a major flare up of my MS symptoms causing additional problems. I decided to just end this stress and accepted a very small $200.money order from Safeway Corp and try to concentrate on getting my injury fully healed.

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Just read your post and as an MS patient I can empathize with your pain. I know what any stress can do with someone dealing with MS.

So sorry you had such a bad experience with Safeway, I believe they have sold many of their stores this year even though they are retaining the same name. Hope their management improves, no one should be treated like that.


youre a *** ***. Take responsibility for your own actions.

you hurt yourself, so you take care of it. People are so idiotic and irresponsible it blows my god *** mind!!!

you shouldve asked for help instead of grabbing above you for heavy plates, what did you think was going to happen? they were gonna spread wings and fly softly into your hands?


Your feet are *** nasty.At least have the decency to not expose people to your hygiene. Tip, next time go to the morgue and do your show and smell with a month old rotten corpse. OUT

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #965505

I think that this is an old post, but I'm glad that the individual in the store tried to help you. You both need to be more careful next time.

All must take responsibility, not just one side. I think you should have kept ALL doctor bills and showed them to the store manager.

They also could have done something, and probably do more than the rep on the phone.

to realm188 Springfield, Oregon, United States #1173867

If the merchandise dominoed down on the customer it is the stores fault. If there was no sign saying "do not touch, ask for help" then the store is at fault.

If the customer came in soaking wet and slipped on the water they splashed on the floor the store is at fault. If you get hurt at the store, the store has insurance to cover it because they are always at fault. If someone comes to your home (and you own your home) and gets injured you are liable, no matter how it happened. Check the liability laws.

Sounds to me like this store just gave her the runaround so they wouldn't have to file a claim with insurance and risk a rate increase. Likely they have made too many claims already because they are incompetent and do not think of customer safety first!


I am glad you have no intention of bringing a lawyer into this, I just hate it when people sue for their own neglect, you did not even once accept responsibility for being careless, which speaks volumes about you. Sam had this "lady" been more careful this would never have happened.

We live in a sue happy society where we sue for things that could have been prevented if we were more careful of our surrounds, the fact that people support this careless lady supports this theory. You know yourself you are not entitled to anything.

to be careful next time #886284

I am not a careless person, I am an honest intelligent and cautious person. I simply went to take a plate off the front of the display to purchase and the cardboard display was too flimsy to support the dishes which all came tumbling forward on to my feet.

What responsibility do you think I should have taken? I was a loyal Safeway shopper just purchasing my weekly groceries in the store. The rudeness of the Safeway corporate office was unnecessary and unprofessional. The woman I spoke with had no people skills what so ever.

She only wanted to talk at me not with me.

So sad. I have not shopped there since and have taken my business elsewhere.

to be careful next time Brookline, Massachusetts, United States #902126

If it had been your careless mother would you have more compassion? This lady should still get a lawyer and sue SAFEWAY.

to DEB Orange, California, United States #912907

She does not need to sue a company when she was careless. What she needs to do is learn to be more careful.

They are not required to give her anything. Shopping with mommy or daddy may keep her safe.

Also no one was rude to this child. The only reason this child is calling them rude is because she did not get her medical bills paid.

to KevinRichards #1022900


What a life you must have!! On here all the time just trying to insult people.

I really feel sorry for you that this is your life!

You are all over this site, complaining about people who get sc***ed, complaining.

You are a very sad and pathetic person.

to be careful next time Washington, D.c., District Of Columbia, United States #908871

Honestly, i can't believe you bothered writing this. The items were obviously not stacked correctly because the whole shelf should not have come down.

Our society is full of callous blowhards like you who change their tune when something happens to them. You suck!

to ***y Orange, California, United States #912909

You really believe this child is being percent accurate? Even so, if this child had been more careful this would not have happened.

to ***y Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1000543

NO! What sucks is when people fail to take responsibility when they know that they should have!

That DOES speak volumes about them. People need to learn how to use their own judgement and take responsibility when they refuse to!

to be careful next time Lancaster, California, United States #917021

A lawyer would have sued Safeway for negligence, pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical costs, lost wage, and punitive damages, at the very least. As a retailer, they are obligated to provide a SAFE shopping experience.

to be careful next time Bridgeport, Alabama, United States #1226618

I hope you have an injury caused by some store'so neglect and get treated as badly as this lady was.

Maybe if something were to smash your nuts, you might have a different opinion.

You're probably some loser *** who works at this crappy store.


Lady, you let them off too easy, what a load of *** they gave you. It may not be too late to seek legal counsel and get a fair settlement for everything you went through. The consumer needs to stand up and be heard, they are really disgusting to treat a customer like that.

to Sam Lancaster, California, United States #917023

It's far too late. She accepted compensation.


I think you should have been compensated for your pain and stress and they should have offered something more than $200 which is just so ridiculous for a multi-million dollar a year company. I wonder if they treat their employees like that too. Disgraceful behaviour and they lost a customer too.


You need to contact an attorney, you are entitled to all medical expenses and other compensation.

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