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I get so mad when I hear there commercial about fresh produce! Because it is total bs.

When I went last week which I usually never shop there because it is so expensive and the comparison to the quality that trader joes or even win-co offers in their fresh fruit and vegetables is not even close. I spend $120 which for that at winco or trader Joes I would have gotten double what I bought and it would have been fresh. The strawberries did not even last a week. I had to throw them away.

There fresh produce section had nothing but half already bad food. That is not fresh! Not only that they have No local meat what so ever. I have read every label!

Because I care about what I am putting in my body and because I want to feed myself things that I know what they are and where its coming from. Im not interested in chicken nuggets from china... sorry... and it makes me sad to because you would think a big store like that could compete with cheaper products.

I am a human being I need food but I also do not want to be forced to spend everything I make trying to feed myself.... You need money to enjoy life. In addition this is where I went shopping with my mom as a kid and I remember 20 dollars buying so much food... now its nothing....

and Im only 24 years old.

I honestly believe the only reason people blame things on "inflation" is because of greed.... If it was not true minn wage wouldn't be at slave wages...

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I sure wish you would have done your research before posting.... as a matter of fact, my husband is a driver for Safeway, and as his job, he picks up the produce from all the LOCAL growers....

then takes the produce to the warehouse, where it is then sent directly to the stores..... that is where you buy it......

Now.... ( and here's the kicker you will luv, cause you should have done your research )

Safeway is sold only the best from the producers in the local area, the top of the pick and first of the pick.... it's in the contracts with the producers....

Then, Trader Joes, Wal Mart, and especially WinCo Foods, get whatever is left over.....

and then they purchase other produce from Mexico..... and if you cared of what you put in your body... then you would know that you shouldn't be putting some of the produce from Mexico in your body. Please don't think of me as just another smart *** reply....

I've been the wife of Safeway trucking for over 20 years, and it's always been the same. Safeway produce is only purchased from local producers... I've been there, and have made friends with the farm owners, and now know how the produce gets to the store. This all can be confirmed....

you can visit your local produce farmers, and ask the same questions, and they will confirm everything I've just told you.... they may even kick in a few boxes of free produce to boot !

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