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I was checking out, and not finished paying when another woman jumped in front of me and started talking to the person ringing me up. The short Asian woman behind the counter did nothing to tell the woman to wait her turn. I said "excuse me," and the customer said "what? sir" I said "my stuff is right there." She said "I am not bothering your stuff," and then just went right ahead interacting with the deli clerk, as I tried to finish paying for... Read more

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I generally have a high tolerance for managing rude people. However, this Safeway at 145 Jackson Street San Francisco, California 94111 has a store clerk named Thai who may be transgender male, or just a typical short Asian male who is particularly rude. This person is super rude and could benefit from customer service training- or being FIRED! Worse the whole store should be shut down! Thai follows customers around the store and makes... Read more

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  • Mar 13, 2015
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Waited in line for 15 mins. In express line mission store in excelsior . I usually shop at trader joes much better service. I feel bad for all the older folks who must stand in those long slow lines all the time.note put your faster worker on the express lines . I only had 3 items ! I also live half a block from this store. But I drive across the city to your competitors.

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On 11/3/14 at 8:30 pm a customer shopping at Safeway on Church and Market Street was racially discriminated against by the cashier, Anthony, and bagger, Daisy. When the customer handed his foreign id card to the cashier to verify his age for the purchase of alcohol the cashier showed the card to the bagger and both engaged in racist commentary. The bagger laughed and stated that she "was born here". The cashier then continued to laugh and stated... Read more

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The unprofessionalism in the Pharmacy (Rivermark) has increased since Kroger took over. The pharmacy manager knows absolutely basic ethics of consumer handling. I strongly suspect that there is some kind of ethnic/religious background discrimination by the pharmacist. Here are the issues that I experienced in the last six months. 1. She ignores me specially when I am 1st one in the line 2. Lies about her staff being busy 3. The staff does not... Read more

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It's not enough that Safeway has run off the competition (e.g. Albertson, Kroger, Ralph's, etc.) now they are gradually replacing the national brands with the Safeway Brand which for the most part is Aweful. The example: I needed a small jar of Dill relish, went into Safeway and all they had @ 3 locations was their own brand. The relish was far from being "Dill" it was pure "Salty & Sour". I know if you are the only kid on the block,... Read more

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Ok, you oh-so broad minded are some more facts: I was at the same Safeway last week on another trip to SFO. While shopping again at the aforementioned Safeway I witnessed an individual who was unkempt, dirty, lacking hygiene, disheveled and towing a roller-board suit case--in a grocery store!!!! I observed the individual put Oreos and another item in his hand cart while placing two boxes of Red Bull energy drinks in his suit... Read more

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Twice I have encounters containers of food that have been violated then returned to the shelf. While I caught the first (and opened jar of peanuts) today I ended up with a package of pepper jack cheese that had been 'cleanly' opened (i.e. undetectable) with 5/10 slices missing and no way to tell what if any contamination may have occurred. This represents people on public assistance (food stamps) selling the food stamps/EBT cards for short... Read more

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In the last month I've had three problems with HMB Safeway. 1. Ordered a sandwich.I think the person sat on the sandwich and then gave it to me. Not only was it flat but the ingredients were slabs of turkey & cheese. Worst sandwich ever. 2. Purchased fish last week. Got home and it smelled like ammonia. 3. Just got home with 4 ground sirloin burgers. They were green as grass between them. If all you buy is canned goods you may be fine but... Read more

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Veronica Cisneros, Manager at Safeway potrero Hills in San Francisco California is really horrible employee.. I'm a customer who went to customer service were she was and she was pissed off just because I make a question to her about a cupon in deli department.. She answer to me in a horrible manner and she was whispering in to somebody ears.. she was with a very bad attitude after that. I felt really bad for the consequences of a simple... Read more

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