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Safeway 6201 6th Ave Tacoma WA Homeless people are always hanging out in the seating area of the inside Starbucks. They "smell" as you walk by the area.

They are always begging for money outside of the building. I have told management about it and they have done nothing. I guess Safeway doesn't care about customers safety. Safeway management please do something about the smell.

Plus you should check out your deli area. In the show case of meats and salads there is always flies inside the cooler.

I have also seen expired deli meats off to the side of the coolers. Your store is in bad shape.

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Tacoma, Washington, United States #1347637

It would be nice if i were able to go in the store and shop when i wanted. I am disabled and safeway 6th ave has but 1 cart for the disabled.

I cant walk due to als. I guess the disabled don't matter to the people at safeway and the manager. I've shopped at that store for 25 years now and this is safeway's way of saying thank you we appreaciate your business. Im being forced to shop at fred meyers or walmart now.

Thank you safeway!

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