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tried to contact and got no where on there phone system.

No carts ever. No help ever. constant shoplifting all around the store. Employees tell me they do no care and will not stop the stealing. Nothing works. expect the cash registers they always work


The carts are locked. The employees say they can not unlock them because the device that unlocks them is broken. Manager could care less.

Shoplifting is out of hand. Consumer pays for the loss yet Safeway could care less they get their money.

The best course of action is to shop somewhere elese

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Store 739 mission street san frncisco, Crime, Poor service and high prices, Checkout experience.

  • Mission Street Is A Mess
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I saw on the internet a wedding that was held in a church in San Francisco that had homeless people all sleeping on the pews while the service took place. I though to myself "How Tacky!" I bet that on their honeymoon they stayed at one of those "No-Tell" motels that rents out rooms by the hour and that they rode Greyhound to get to their honeymoon destination.

They probably had Safeway cater their wedding ceremony as well.

Tacky, Tacky, tacky, tacky. And I bet instead of putting up curtains in their newlywed home that they covered all of the windows in aluminum foil.


Well, if they don't do anything about all of the shoplifters they eventually will probably go out of business, or have to raise prices really high.


Once when I was in Spokane, Washington, I was extremely hungry and didn't have any money. I went over to the Dumpster at Safeway hoping to find some expired food that had been thrown into the dumpster.

I saw a plastic Safeway bag on the ledge on the side of the dumpster, and I saw that there was food inside. I figured that someone had left it there for someone hungry to find like me. I went to the edge of the parking lot next to the sidewalk and sat down in a space amongst the bushes to eat some of the food. There was a package of hot dogs that I dug into first and hungrily gobbled down.

There was a can of Cheeze Wiz and there was a bag of Cashew Nuts, the kind that you get in the self serve area where the nuts are. After I had eaten a few hot dogs and had eaten some of the Cashews, this real big fat and scary looking lunatic came walking down the sidewalk with a pissed off look on his face. He saw me and asked me if I had gotten the bag of food from the side of the dumpster, and I said "Oh, Thank You Very Much! God Bless You!" and he angrily yelled 'That's Mine!

Give it Back To Me! And he yanked them out of my hands and he then told me that he had shoplifted that food from Safeway and had decided to go back into the store to rip off some more stuff, so he left the bag on the side of the dumpster, figuring that it would be safe there. He told me that the way that he shoplifts is that he takes some empty Safeway bags into the store with him and then after he picks out all of the stuff he wants, he bags them up and walks out of the store like he's paid for them. I was disappointed that he took the food from me, but at least was able to eat enough to get my strength back.

I had been so weak that I was about to pass out. That's why, in desperation, I went over to the dumpster looking for food.

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