My mother placed an order with Safeway.com this morning around 10-11AM. We purchased around $66 worth of groceries.

Around 5:00PM we received a text message saying our order was confirmed for 6:20 and would be arriving around then. At 5:15, another message came through saying our order had been cancelled, proving us with no further information. At this point, I was left confused and wondering if our order was going to come through at all. Around 7:30PM I began to reach out to Safeway support teams.

I used the Live chat option and spoke with someone who told me my order was still being processed and seemed to be on track for delivery but someone would be in contact with my mother shortly so to keep our phones nearby. Another half hour went by and we still hadn't heard anything from anyone and our groceries weren't delivered. I contacted Safeway a second time. The response I received was anything but helpful.

I was given essentially two options since it was beyond late for delivery now. 1: Get a refund for my order, without receiving my products. Or 2: Continue to wait on my "dasher" which may or may not end up coming with my delivery. Neither option was getting my mother the groceries we were needing.

At this point, the service representative offered me a $10 credit to my account for my frustration which I rejected at the time by disconnecting from the chat.

I wasn't seeking reimbursement for my purchase, nor was I looking for a $10 credit to my account, rather what I was hoping to get from customer service was the products I was promised through your delivery service. It is now 8PM and I have to work this upcoming week and do not have time to grocery shop, which was why I was so excited to use this delivery service.

User's recommendation: Wouldn't recommend this delivery service to other customers.

Location: Pearl City, Hawaii

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