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3:00 p.m. on february 14,2013 my daughter and i went to Safeway and i seen a cart attend outside and ask if the girl scouts where selling cookies today,this young lady had a very bad attitude towards me and my daughter she said they never are here and was yelling after i told her never mind we will just go see but at this point she keep being rude so i told her that i am a customer and she should not speak to us in the nasty rude way and i am going to talk to her manager about her behavior she allow us and the front desk we talk to front store manager and supervisor and both did nothing about her behavior and the young lady was still being rude in front of manager but i we the supervisor about how all there employees are union and there is nothing we can do and plus she is young i believe the young girls name was Audry but not sure as i started to talk to another front manage the young girl was laughing and holding up her finger while laughing and the managers did not handle this situation right i believe because we are black and the girl was white they made it seem as if she was the victim i will never shop at safeway again this store hires people like this i refuse to spend my moneys i hope others stop shopping here as well we as customer deserve to be treated fair black or white we were discriminated against in your store,this young lady should have been fired on the spot with her angry loud talking disrespect voice,i am handicap and i refuse to be treated so rudely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Manager.

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are you kidding me? Your post is literally indecipherable. Learn how to speak so that you may convey your *** thoughts properly.

to ***cerned Greeley, Colorado, United States #801467

Ever heard of a period? (.)


Well ma'am I don't want to defend the company but the workers are underpaid and over stressed most of the time believe me I'm one of them the corporate offices reign down on with there hours cuts an mass hirings (at the same time I might ad). We do the best we can and the customers do not make it easier with snotty attitudes and unrelenting lazyness ( leaving the cart at the door when the area is 3 feet away)

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