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Ok, you oh-so broad minded are some more facts:

I was at the same Safeway last week on another trip to SFO. While shopping again at the aforementioned Safeway I witnessed an individual who was unkempt, dirty, lacking hygiene, disheveled and towing a roller-board suit case--in a grocery store!!!!

I observed the individual put Oreos and another item in his hand cart while placing two boxes of Red Bull energy drinks in his suit case. I decided to follow him until he checked out.

When checking out he gave the clerk is California EBT card for the Oreos and the other item making no attempt to open his suit case and place the Red Bull on the conveyer for check out.

At this point I asked him if he was going to put the stuff he had put in his suit case on the belt or not, alerting the stores' staff to the fact the individual had these items and had not taken them out. After my challenge, the staff engaged the individual and determined he was not eligible to use the EBT card--for Oreos or otherwise.

So you want civic got it! I for one will no longer stand aside idly while others in our society continue to act like parasites by stealing, pilfering, and otherwise taking advantage of the production of those of us who work for what we have by those who would just as soon take it via big government programs funded by excess taxes.

And to the snit (Star) who was so snarky in your response about checking can bet your *** I will from now on, but it is pretty sad our society and culture has denigrated to the point that is a norm...pathetic actually!

As for being judgemental...*** right I am judgmental. I am judgmental in calling out bad behavior regardless. This sick tolerance of anything goes is not acceptable. I am only one person, but if enough caring people rise up and challenge this kind of behavior, maybe just maybe we can stop the decline of our culture.

So there is my "put up", why don't you both respond with thoughtful, meaningful comments and save the claptrap for public bathroom walls.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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San Francisco, California, United States #733809

I hope more folks will act appropriate to the shenanigans that are going on around all of us. These types of behaviors have to be called out.

I am as tolerant as the next guy, I want folks to understand that being tolerant doesn't mean we have no standards of behavior.

Anything does go. As my civic teacher taught us in school, my right to throw my fist ends at your nose...

Thanks for the comment.



I applaud you skydive!

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