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I'm writing today to bring attention to the customer service I received 8/6/13 at Safeway #774 in Benicia, Ca.

I paid for a book of stamps during checkout and the cashier forgot to give them to me at the end of the sale. Of course, understandable and not why I write this complaint.

The telephone customer service I received later is the reason for my complaint.

A couple of hours later when I realized I did not receive the stamps, I called the store. It was approximately 4:30pm. I explained to the girl that answered the phone that I did not receive my stamps. She put me on hold for about one minute. She came back on the line and asked that I give her the register number. Then she put me on hold for about 3 minutes. She came back on the line and apologized for the mistake and asked that I return to the store for the stamps. My two girls were down for their late afternoon nap and I was beginning my long work week. I did not want to return to the store. I asked the girl to please mail me the stamps. She answered that she would and asked again that I hold. She then kept me on hold for approximately seven minutes until she simply picked up the phone and hung up.

This was not a simple mistake. If she accidentally hung up on a customer, she would make sure she relayed the mistake to a manager so follow up could happen if necessary. Did a manager hear of the incident?

In terms of customer service recovery, how long would it have taken to write down my name and address and hand off to a manager for follow up?

There are two grocery stores in our small town of Benicia: Safeway and Raleys. I had been a loyal customer of Raleys for years until the economy worsened and money became tight and I switched to Safeway because of lower prices. Todays experience at Safeway has changed me again. I will no longer be shopping at Safeway.

When my husband came home today I announced that we were boycotting Safeway and explained the ordeal. He replied, "File a complaint. Nothing is ever done unless you do."

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeway Cashier.

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inexcusable behavior. All phone lines in a business have a redial feature and often a call log feature showing the incoming phone number.

You should have been called and the situation should have been taken care of. Good for you for taking your business elsewhere that is the best way to let them know they have poor customer service employees.

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