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I started shopping at this store, Germantown MD, about 3 months ago, I go every Sunday with my fiancé and two kids. They have the carts, that my kids INSIST on sitting in, that have the plastic two-seat add on; the straps on these seats have been broken or missing since I started shopping here.

Every week, I have made them aware of the issues with the straps and every week I go in and not only has nothing been done to fix them but they are still put out there in the entrance like they are in working condition. Well this past week, 10/1, I found one that looked like it was in working condition; well, only one side was, the other side the bottom buckle has been ripped off. Since I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old, I really only needed one buckle so I decided to use it. As I was going through the store my 2 year old half falls out of the seat; automatically assuming that she was messing with the belt, I told her to sit down and not to touch it.

Ten minutes later, as we are walking down another aisle and I am pushing the cart so have a better view, she leans forward slightly and the buckle explodes open and she falls face first onto the floor. She was not touching it at all, the buckle was broken; just not as clearly broken as the rest of them otherwise I would have noticed! After I make sure she is ok, and calm her down, I went looking for a manager. I explained to him of what happened and pointed out all the times I had already said something about the buckles.

He just says "ok, well l eave the cart here and I will take it to the back", I again explained that it was not just this cart but ALL the carts with the seat add-on; he says "ok, I will look at them", just like everyone every other week has said to me. He did not ask if my daughter was ok, which she clearly wasn't because she was still crying, her face was red, and starting to bruise! He was more worried about the balloon display he was working on. I obviously could not leave the cart there as it was full of groceries I had not paid for, my two kids, and I still needed to get my groceries to my car...

I have no idea if anything was done at this point about the carts. The following day I contacted corporate... they have proven to be just as helpful. I was put in touch with the store director because no one filed an incident report the day before, as they should have.

After telling him the whole story, he said that they even keep buckles within the store to be able to fix the carts, so I am not sure why it had not been done for all the months prior that I have brought it to their attention. He then said he would have someone get in touch with me by the end of the day; that was Monday 10/2. As of Wednesday 10/4 I had not heard from anyone so I called corporate back at about 8 am. She could not find any record of my call, so she said she would take my information again and send it off to the store to contact me.

Still, nobody from the store or corporate has contacted me back at all. Luckily, my daughter does not have any broken bones, concussion, or anything serious and will heal fine. However, this is the worst display of customer service I have ever experienced; not just on the level of the employees within the store, but also the director and even corporate!

To not have any communication back from them what so ever and only the first representative from the corporate office asked how my daughter was doing, they obviously do not care for their customers WHAT SO EVER!!! I will only be returning to this store to see if the seat buckles have been fixed or not, otherwise I will be finding another store to shop at!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The simple solution is to not put your kids in a cart without buckles that don't work regardless of how much they "insist".

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